The Gas Installer



If you have a Gas installation, but you don't know if it is legal, compare it to the following diagram.

Give Winelands Gas a call just to make sure! 

  • A - 1m sideways from Doors and Windows
  • B - 2m from Drains and Air Vents
  • C - 3m below windows, unless non combustible roof is installed between containers and windows
  • D - 3m from property boundary unless boundary is a Fire Wall
  • E - 5m away from a switchable electrical point i.e. plug socket, mains power, motor, distribution board, etc.

Only Multilayer composite Gas pipe (PEX-AL-PEX), Class 1 or 2 copper pipe can be used. NOT the same pipe as used in plumbing.

All pipes going through a wall must be sleeved.             

Flexible hose may not be longer than 2m and may not go through any partition/wall at all (including wood and dry wall).