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Epic Server Issues

The designated framework is unable to handle any requests.
This framework requires:
  • at least Apache v2.4 armed with: SSL/TLS, mod_headers, mod_env, mod_rewrite
  • at least PHP v5.6 armed with: curl_init, ftp_get, mb_strlen, gmp_strval, SQLite3, imap_open
  • that the framework's core structure is intact and readable by Apache & PHP
  • a valid FQDN (with subdomain) and able to resolve its own public host-name
  • a valid SSL certificate; either self-signed or CA-signed -which has not expired

Please make sure the above dependencies are resolved.
TIP: If you're upgrading your server, Apache v2.4+ and PHP v7.2+ works well.

If this issue persists, consult the manual

Browser Issue : limited capability

Your current web browser/settings won't work for this website
  • Please use a modern web browser
  • If your browser is "WebGL capable", please enable it
  • You can find a modern web browser here:

Once you've updated, please visit here again.

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Browser Issue : Cookies disabled

This site needs cookies enabled in order to work properly.
  • Cookies are generally used to secure a visitor's session -which is forgotten when you close your browser.
  • If you're not too phased about Cookies, just enable it and don't enter any personal info, problem solved.
  • The software framework of this site uses a Cookie as a familiarity token -which is set if you're not a robot.
  • If you're worried about any potential privacy issues, kindly email: (~TECHMAIL~) regarding this.

Once you've enabled Cookies, hit refresh, then this issue will be gone.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

User Issue : tampering

Something went wrong
  • This error is thrown to prevent nasty issues in public
  • If you did not cause this, give the culprit an enema prescription
  • If you were just trying something out, do it properly, or not at all

This error will go away when it's fixed.

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